When do Lawyers and Private Detectives Work Together?

There are actually quite a few different types of civil cases where lawyers and private detectives might work together. Typically, a private detective can be hired when the lawyer needs to gather additional evidence for their case and cannot do it on their own. This is especially helpful when surveillance is needed or when the lawyer doesn’t have the time to do the significant amount of research that might be needed for the case.

Proof of Infidelity

Infidelity is often used in divorce cases to prove fault for the divorce. Although not all states still accept this, it still can be essential when dealing with a prenuptial agreement that has an infidelity clause or when determining alimony and other conditions of the divorce. Often, the lawyer won’t have time to look for proof of infidelity and their client may not have the ability to do so. In these cases, hiring a private detective is a good idea.

Determining Hidden Income and Assets

When determining child support and alimony, it’s essential for the lawyer to know what all of the assets are. When their client believes their ex-spouse is hiding income or assets to avoid paying these types of support, the lawyer might hire a private detective to help them find out. The private detective can access financial records or check to see if the ex-spouse really is working and being paid under the table for their work to avoid a paper trail.

Checking for Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a serious problem. When the insurance company required to pay for injuries believes there is fraud involved, their lawyer might hire a private detective to do surveillance to check. They might find out the person is fine and is just pretending to suffer from injuries to receive a settlement. This allows the lawyer to prove insurance fraud in court and for the insurance company to avoid paying a settlement.

These are just a few types of cases where a lawyer might need help from a private detective. Often, when the lawyer has work they cannot do on their own or don’t have time to do, like watching a person to see if they’re faking being injured, they’ll hire a private detective to do the work for them to save them and their client time and money.